Toyze Signs Mobile Game Developer, Pou, with More than 200 million Downloads and 70 Million Active Users

Toyze (pronounced toy-zee), the first “app store” for 3D-printed customizable game characters, announced that it has signed a licensing agreement with developers of the internationally popular mobile game app pet character, Pou. For the first time, users worldwide can take their lovable pet Pou out of the screen, customize it as a 3D model, share it on social channels and bring it to life as a 3D-printed toy. 3D Pou is now available on Toyze’s app on Google Play and will soon be on the App Store!

With 70 million active users worldwide and more than 200 million downloads, Pou has been the #1 game app in over 100 countries. Pou is a wildly addictive, colorful, fun and cute alien pet that players can adopt, feed, wash, play games with and watch grow. Using the in-app 3D editor, players will have the opportunity to “Toyze” their favorite Pou into a 3D model, choose from over 45 different accessories and more than ten Pou outfits, and 3D print and purchase their own custom toy.

“While Tamagotchi was the first digital pet, Pou is the first mobile app pet, and entrepreneur Paul Salame has made it into an international phenomenon,” said Toyze Co-founder and Investor Ilja Laurs. “Game players love to take care of and play with Pou, so it was a perfect opportunity to ‘Toyze it!’ and make Pou part of our 3D game character marketplace. Toyze’s momentum is strong.  Our users have already created more than 30 thousand 3D models and we will be announcing several more game developers and characters in the coming weeks and months.”

“I’m very excited about our partnership with Toyze! Not only will players be customizing their Pous to play with them in the mobile app, but also in colorful 3D-printed form for their desks and shelves!” said Paul Salame. “Because Toyze is the first promising 3D-printing digital service that focuses on customizable game characters, they are our obvious choice for Pou.”

The promise of 3D-printed customizable and branded game characters is democratized in Toyze’s turnkey solution. Toyze offers game developers of all sizes the opportunity to extend their branded characters to 3D custom merchandising, build communities around those brands, share them through social networks and profit from an additional revenue stream. All this comes together in Toyze’s online marketplace.

For gamers, Toyze offers two options to model and produce their very own toys.  First, there is the free app for the easy 3D customization of their favorite game characters.  At the swipe of a finger, Toyze’s intuitive in-app 3D editor allows users to personalize the character in a beautiful 3D view, add accessories and attributes, play with poses and sizes – and build their own collections.  Once they have completed their model, users can share their creation via Facebook, Instagram and email with friends and family.

3D printing comes next!  Once the 3D model is complete, gamers can choose to purchase their very own customized toy. Toyze uses the most advanced 3D printing technology to create the model and then ships it right to their door.

About Pou

Pou was first launched in August 2012 by 26-year old Lebanese software engineer Paul Salame, and has been a growing entity ever since with weekly updates. The app has been downloaded an estimated 220 million times and has been the #1 game app in over 100 countries. Pou can be downloaded on and iOS phones and tablets. For more information, please visit, and “Like” Pou on Facebook.

About Toyze

Toyze Marketplace is the first “app store” for 3D printed customizable game characters.  From in-app to in-hand, Toyze allows gamers worldwide to 3D model and print their favorite game characters. Toyze aims to democratize and stir up the toy market by offering game developers of all sizes the opportunity to extend their branded characters to custom merchandising.  The company was founded in 2014 in Lithuania by Ilja Laurs, chairman of European VC firm Nextury Ventures and former founder and CEO of GetJar – together with a team of technology professionals from Lithuania. Toyze’s first partner, licensee and investor is Zeptolab, developers of the award-winning, hit franchise Cut the Rope®.  For more information, please visit, “Like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @Toyze and Instagram @Toyzeapp

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