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Bring Your Favorite Game Characters to Life as Customized Toys!

About the app

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Our team

Our dedicated team is a group of experts in their fields

Vilius Rinkūnas


Vilius’ background is in finance and management. After graduating from ISM University of Management and Economics he worked at Zabolis Partners asset management division and completed the Chartered Financial Analyst program at CFA Institute. He later got interested in 3D printing and co-founded the company Gaminu. Vilius is our CEO and process coordinator.

Paulius Briedis


Paulius is a co-founder of 3D printing company Gaminu and a founder of engineering school Robotikos mokykla. In the past four years Paulius and his team at Robotikos mokykla has invented devices for blind people to watch 3D movies, robots to take 3D pictures to see without glasses, won multiple international awards for robotics and engineering solutions. Paulius has deep inside knowledge of 3D printing and he is our master idea generator.

Paulius Liekis


Paulius' background comes from developing products at Unity Technologies, DICE/Electronic Arts, Barclays Capital and running his own company Pixel Punch. His core skills are 3D graphics, pipelines, models and animations. He has a number of international awards for computer graphics and Augmented Reality.

Ilja Laurs


Ilja is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Eastern Europe. He created and actively runs GetJar, the popular app store company. Ilja is advising our business strategy.

Pavel Laurs


Ex-GetJar CTO, founder of Game Development company EligoGames. Pavel is our main technical expert.

Alex Attarian


Alex’s background is in operations. He helped Ilja grow GetJar from a tiny company to the first app store in the world. Alex is our CMO and handles all business and finance related tasks.


What is Toyze?

Toyze is the first “app store” for licensed, customizable, 3D printed models of your favorite game characters. From mobile device to shelf, your favorite game characters come to life as custom toys!

Where can you download the Toyze app?

The Toyze app is on Google Play and it will soon be in the App Store.

What does it mean to be 3D printed?

3D printing is a process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital, computer-generated model. In the near future, 3D-printers will be a ubiquitous home appliance, allowing people to choose and print anything - from toys to jewelry. For our 3D printing, we use most advanced and accurate multicolor 3D printers.

What does it mean to model in 3D?

Most in-game characters are in flat, 2D design. We add that extra dimension and convert them for you into 3D models. Our free app offers an easy 3D simplified editor that makes the customization of your game character easy and fun.

How does the 3D editor work?

Download the app at Google Play, view the tutorial and get started! The in-app 3D editor is free, very intuitive and ridiculously easy to use. It’s done with your finger.

What do you mean by “customized game character”?

Once you have chosen your favorite game character, you can make it your own! Customize it by adding attributes and accessories (hats, glasses, candy, etc.) changing the pose, size, etc.

Will I be able to share my creation with my friends and family via social channels?

Yes, part of the fun is sharing your new toy! You can show off your creation via Facebook or email. Very soon you will also be able to share using Twitter and Instagram.

What if you don’t want the 3D toy, but just want to customize your favorite character? Is this free?

Yes. The app is free!

Is the app just for mobile game characters?

For now our focus is on mobile games, but our plan is to broaden to all video and computer game characters – and then go beyond that to comics and movie characters. We also have plans of including a payment channel through Bitcoins via a specially desinged app which you can see at

What game developers and characters are on board?

The momentum is strong. We are offering Zeptolab’s “Cut the Rope”, Outfit7‘s “Talking Tom and Friends“, Paul Salame‘s “Pou“ and Game Insight‘s “The Tribez“ characters.

Is there a limit to the number of game characters I can create?

Absolutely not! The fun is in creating a whole collection to share with friends and family via social media and to own as collectibles!

What materials are you using to make toys?

In the beginning, Toyze offers multicolor plaster-based 3D printed toys. In the future, we will expand the offer to different materials including stainless steel, gold, silver, plastic, etc.

How do I purchase the 3D model?

Once 3D modeling is complete, gamers can choose to purchase their very own customized toy. Click, “Buy this Toy” button to choose a size and purchase! We accept Paypal and all major credit cards. You can always check your order status and Toyze offers quick delivery to your doorstep.

How big is the 3D model?

You can choose the size of your model in 0.5cm grades and ranging from 2.5cm (approx. 1 inch) to 22cm (approx. 8.5 inches) in height.

What will the price point be for the 3D model?

Price depends on the size of model. Overall, we are coming in at an average $50 price point for 5-7 cm (approx. 2-2.5 inch) height models. We understand this is high, but we are offering a high quality, personalized and unique product that cannot be gotten anywhere else.


Please note that these 3D printed figures are intended for decorative purposes only. They are not suitable as toys for children under the age of 6 due to breakable small parts. The figures should not come in contact with electricity and heat. The materials used in production are not food safe.