Toyze Signs Licensing Deal with Game Insight for 3D-Printable Toys


Toyze has signed a licensing agreement with global developer and publisher Game Insight for three of its mobile game properties, The Tribez, Dragon Eternity and Mirrors of Albion.

First out –and in time for the holiday season – will be the legendary cast of The Tribez. Players worldwide will have the ability to customize all seven tribesmen and women into 3D models, share their creations on social channels, and bring them to life as 3D-printable toys. Toyze’s app is available worldwide at the App Store and on Google Play.

Casting the player as the new leader of a growing civilisation, The Tribez is one of Game Insight’s most successful and popular titles with 24 million players and has consistently been ranked as a top 10 grossing game in over 100 countries. In the game, players must develop their settlement and its inhabitants by building new huts, farms and shops as well as guiding their villagers through the challenges of their everyday primal existence.

“Game Insight is one of the most successful players in the international mobile gaming industry and we are thrilled to give their fans the ability to bring their legendary characters to life as sharable 3D models and toys,” said Toyze CEO Vilius Rinkunas. “Our customers have already created more than 500,000 3D models and we will continue announcing more game developer partnerships as well as  characters in the coming weeks and months.”

For players, Toyze offers two options to model and produce their very own toys.  First, there is the free app for the easy 3D customization of their favorite game characters.  At the swipe of a finger, Toyze’s intuitive in-app 3D editor allows users to personalize the character in a beautiful 3D view, add accessories and attributes, play with poses and sizes – and build their own collections.  Once they have completed their model, users can share their creation via Facebook, Instagram and email with friends and family.

Players will also have the unique opportunity to “Toyze” their characters from The Tribez into 3D toys.  Using Toyze’s 3D editor, players can choose from a variety tribal characters including a worker, settler, magician, farmer, woodcutter and builder and accessorize them with items like a stick, hat, hammer, purse and lamp.  Once the 3D model is complete, players can choose to purchase their very own customized toy, of various sizes and up to eight inches tall! Toyze uses the most advanced 3D printing technology to create the model and then ships it right to their front door.

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